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  • ShackletonRowett Expedition Quest

    Shackleton had planned to go to the Arctic on an expedition financed by private individuals and the Canadian government though they all backed out leaving the expedition close to collapse when British businessman and former school friend of Shackleton John Q Rowett stepped in with financial support

  • Timeline of women in AntarcticaWikipedia

    1960 Artist Nel Law is the first Australian women to set foot in Antarctica landing at Mawson and visiting in an unofficial capacity 1968 First team of Argentinian women work on Antarctica They include biologist Irene Bernasconi bacteriologist Maria Adela Caria biologist Elena Martinez Fontes and Carmen Pujals a specialist in algae The first New Zealand woman to visit the mainland

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  • Do people live in Antarctica Aurora Expeditions

    Oct 12 2020  Antarctica is known for being the highest driest coldest and windiest continent on earth So perhaps it won t come as a surprise to hear that Antarctica is also the only continent without an indigenous human population Due to its remoteness inhospitable weather conditions and lack of natural land bridges connecting it to other continents Antarctica has spent the last 35 million years in

  • Study provides new explanation for neutrino anomalies in

    Jun 10 2020  A map left and zoom in right of Antarctica displaying the two anomalous upward pointing events represented by red dots observed by the

  • Antarctic Treaty SystemWikipedia

    The Antarctic Treaty and related agreements collectively known as the Antarctic Treaty System ATS regulate international relations with respect to Antarctica Earth s only continent without a native human population For the purposes of the treaty system Antarctica is defined as all of the land and ice shelves south of 60 S latitude The treaty entered into force in 1961 and currently has

  • Antarctic Run Part 3Set goals to spark motivation

    Antarctic Run Part 3Set goals to spark motivation Last Modified 5/22/2018 In two previous blogs I introduced you to Hein Wagner who taught us that no barrier is too large to overcome and Lt Col William Conner the Marine Corps who demonstrated that giving back can motivate us out of a

  • If I sail to Antarctica and decide to set up a town who s

    There are no policemen or customs or immigration personnel to stop you so raise the main and hoist the jib and set your compass for due south and off you go There are however just a few minor matters that you should be aware of Firstly you may e

  • Antarctica Cruises Tours Active Antarctic Voyages

    Antarctica is a spectacular wilderness that needs no introduction A voyage into this otherworldly environment puts you among breathtaking frozen landscapes rugged icy coastlines and towering mountains stunning coves and islands abundant wildlife and the seemingly endless expanse of the continental ice sheet

  • Antarctic Treatyan overview ScienceDirect Topics

    S Chaturvedi in International Encyclopedia of Human Geography 2009 Antarctica as a Continent of Science and Peace 1950s and 1960s The Antarctic Treaty cited hereafter as the Treaty with a preamble and 14 articles was signed on 1 December 1959 by the representatives of the 12 IGY participating countriesArgentina Australia Belgium Chile France Japan New Zealand Norway

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  • Union Glacier CampAntarctic Logistics Expeditions

    Union Glacier Camp is the only facility of its kind in Antarctica Our full service private camp operates during the Antarctic summer November through January and is dismantled at the end of each season Our camp not only provides accommodations to guests on guided experiences but also serves as a logistics hub supporting private expeditions

  • Tift doctors give from the HEART to Tift Regional Medical

    Mar 10 2021  The Chainanis contribution will be designated for both adult and children s services at Tift Regional Medical Center Donations made to TRMC through

  • Washington State s Paid Family and Medical Leave

    Paid Family and Medical Leave is a new benefit for Washington workers It s here for you when a serious health condition prevents you from working or when you need time to care for a family member bond with a new child or spend time with a family member preparing for

  • Antarctica National Geographic Society

    The continent of Antarctica makes up most of the Antarctic region The Antarctic is a cold remote area in the Southern Hemisphere encompassed by the Antarctic Convergence The Antarctic Convergence is an uneven line of latitude where cold northward flowing Antarctic waters meet the warmer waters of the world s oceans The Antarctic covers approximately 20 percent of the Southern Hemisphere

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  • How To Get A Job In AntarcticaJeffrey Donenfeld

    Nov 04 2013  So you want to live and work in Antarctica Sounds good I ve lived and worked in Antarctica a number of times South Pole and WAIS Divide and have fielded countless questions about the best way to get down to the ice Getting my position down on the ice was no easy task and took a solid four and a half years of effort


    About IAATO IAATO is an international organization comprised of more than 100 respected companies and organizations from across the world Our mission is to advocate promote and practice safe and environmentally responsible private sector tourism to the Antarctic Find out more Who we are

  • Explorer s Death Highlights Dangers of Antarctica Live

    Jan 26 2016  Antarctica is the last wilderness on the planet said Martin Siegert a geoscientist and Antarctic explorer at the University of Bristol in England who has led expeditions to Antarctica in the

  • Can you use medical marijuana in Antarctica Education News

    Oct 18 2018  Antarctica is one of the few places on the planet to which the journey remains very expensive and challenging requiring you to go first to South America to set off on one of the very expensive cruises on board the icebreaker which moreover take

  • Scientists Reveal What Living and Working in Antarctica Is

    1 There are a few different ways to live and work in Antarctica Antarctica s home to 75 individual research stations and they re run by 30 countries Of these science bases 45 are actively operating year round although most are accessible for only a three month window every year

  • Working in Antarctica how to find a job and what to expect

    Sep 30 2017  As I said earlier there are around 4 000 people working on the continent in summer and 1 000 in winter there are more people working in a city s neighborhood However if you have your heart set on finding a job in Antarctica who am I to stop you In fact I ll give you a few resources that could help you find a job

  • History of Antarctic ice sheets holds clues for our future

    Jun 28 2021  The current Antarctic ice sheet is the largest block of ice on Earth covering more than 14 million square kilometers If it melted sea levels would rise by about 60 meters But it hasn t always

  • Medical Cruise Challenges in Antarctica

    Publications on medical challenges in Antarctic travelers are few and most are case reports which makes the contribution by Holmes Zak and Schutz in this issue of Journal of Travel Medicine

  • Doctor rescued from Antarctica in 1999 dies at 57CNN

    Jun 24 2009  Nearly a decade after she was rescued from a remote Antarctic research station after diagnosing herself with breast cancer Dr Jerri Nielsen died early Tuesday her brother said She was 57

  • Antarctica Cruise VACAYA

    Make history with VACAYA as we host the first all LGBT full ship charter to Antarctica This 11 night Antarctica Cruise December 6 17 2022 promises to be the most thrilling expedition of your life It s a chance for our community s most passionate travelers to finally get that elusive 7th continent together In Antarctica you ll see thousands of penguins eagerly nesting and feeding

  • Our MissionIAATO

    Antarctica represents a more profound manifestation of international peace than any other place in the worldmanaged in the past half century through the Antarctic Treaty s unprecedented global cooperation of nearly 50 countries and formally designated a natural

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  • 10 Best Antarctica Cruises Tours Trips for by

    Adventure Life s Antarctica cruises tours are the ultimate way to visit the white continent in comfort safety and style Thousands of travelers have trusted Adventure Life s Antarctica tour experts to help them choose the perfect small ship cruise to Antarctica part from Ushuaia Argentina or Punta Arenas Chile on a minimum 6 day trip and choose from small expedition ships luxury ships

  • Coronavirus severely restricts Antarctic scienceBBC News

    Aug 07 2020  The British Antarctic Survey is scaling back its research in the polar south because of coronavirus Only essential teams will head back to the continent

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  • 200 Years After Antarctica s Discovery It s Time for

    Jan 27 2020  Ernest Shackleton British Antarctic explorer I am hopeful that Antarctica in its symbolic robe of white will shine forth as a continent of peace as nations working together there in the cause of science set an example of international cooperation Richard E Byrd American Antarctic explorer The land looks like a fairytale

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  • Complex medical evacuation undertaken in Antarctica

    Dec 25 2020  Australian Antarctic Division Director Kim Ellis described it as one of the most complex and challenging medical evacuations his team has undertaken in recent years The unwell Australian was at Davis research station in east Antarctica when the operation began By chance a Chinese icebreaker was travelling to a nearby Chinese research station

  • Why Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen s only bodily

    Jul 01 2021  On Oct 19 1911 five men with four sledges and 52 dogs began their journey to Antarctica They made history when they set foot at the South Pole on Dec 14 1911

  • Antarctica TourismEnvironmental Impacts

    Antarctica TourismHuman Impacts Threats to the Environment The Impact of VisitorsNumbers In terms of raw numbers tourists greatly outnumber national programme personnel 55 489 tourists as against 4 000 on research stations in the peak season so far in 2018/2019