in-line filter Syria

  • Russia s military police patrol contact line between

    Russian military police are patrolling the contact line between Syrian and Turkish forces in northern Syria the RIA news agency cited Russia s defense ministry as saying on Tuesday

  • Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield at a UN

    Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield U S Representative to the United Nations New York New York July 6 2021 AS DELIVERED Thank you so much Bob And let me just start by thanking you and your amazing team at the Canadian Mission for putting together this very thoughtful informative and absolutely timely event because today as you noted the Security Council was addressing this issue

  • On front line with al Assad fightersCNN Video

    Frederik Pleitgen traveling to the front line with al Assad fighters reports on fierce fighting in Damascus suburb

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  • Syria crisis Obama says world s credibility on the line

    President Obama says the credibility of the US and international community is on the line over its response to alleged chemical attacks by Syria

  • U S Launches Airstrikes On Syria Watch President Trump s

    U S warships have launched airstrikes in Syria and President Donald Trump gave a brief address to the nation that was not telecast live but on tape

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  • The Cave Documentary Portrays the Cost of the Syrian War

    The documentary focuses on a female doctor treating patients in a subterranean hospital and shows how much women are part of Syria s fight for freedom Jean Bentley Oct 15 2019 1 15 pm

  • Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield at a UN

    With respect to crossline aid it can be part of the equationbut it is completely insufficient to meet the needs of millions of desperate people inside of Syria today Now we have made clear we are willing to work with our partners to expand all forms of assistance to Syrians in needcross border as well as cross line We are open to it

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  • Syria Travel Advisory

    Do not travel to Syria due to COVID 19 terrorism civil unrest kidnapping armed conflict and risk of unjust detention Read the Department of State s COVID 19 page before you plan any international travel The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has not issued a Travel Health Notice for Syria due to COVID 19 indicating an unknown level of COVID 19 in the country

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  • Obama s thick red line on SyriaBBC News

    Obama s thick red line on Syria The US president is reticent to intervene and there is little domestic pressure to do so A year ago President Barack Obama gave a speech saying that if

  • Murphy s Law Why T 90s Died In SyriaStrategyPage

    The missile weighs 8 2 kg 18 pounds and the launcher 19 kg 42 pounds The system was introduced in 1994 and has been sold to Syria who apparently passed them on to Hezbollah and Hamas ISIL and other rebel groups captured some Kornets in Syria American M1s suffered their first heavy losses in Iraq during 2014

  • Crisis in Syria Oxfam International

    The scale of the Syrian crisis Since the crisis started in March 2011 hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in Syria More than 12 million people have fled their homes many more than once Schools hospitals and homes have been destroyed neighborhoods lack clean running water and sanitation food prices have skyrocketed and the economy is on the brink of collapse

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  • Did WH just draw a new red line on Syria CNN Video

    The White House says further action in Syria is possible CNN s Barbara Starr reports

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  • Websites using MasterCard in Syria

    Syria 10 5 Results in this Full Report We know of 5 829 239 live sites using MasterCard and 6 034 183 sites in total including historical Page 1 of 2 List Updated 15th August 2021 2 days ago Download Full Lead List Create a Free Account to see more results Report Suggestions

  • Syria crisis Russia and China step up warning over strike

    Syria crisis Russia and China step up warning over strike Russia and China have stepped up their warnings against military intervention in Syria with Moscow saying any such action would have

  • WFP Launches E Cards for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

    So far in 2013 through voucher programmes for Syrian refugees WFP has injected roughly US 192 million into the local economies of Lebanon Jordan Turkey Iraq and Egypt The Syria response is WFP s largest and most complex emergency operation WFP needs US 30 million each week to meet the needs of people affected by the conflict

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  • US troops staying in Syria to fight ISIS and stabilize

    His remarks were in line with a statement the US led coalition CJTFOIR issued on Thursday saying the patrols in northeastern Syria were to ensure IS never resurges and deter any potential aggression efforts essential to the stability security of the region References to IS might come as a mystery to people who believed the self proclaimed caliphate had been defeated by

  • No military measures in Syria draft resolutionLavrov

    The resolution which was submitted to the UN Security Council is fully in line with the Geneva framework on the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria Sergey Lavrov told the press earlier on Thursday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly s 68th session There will be no enforcement in line with Chapter 7 he emphasized

  • Syria Today s latest from Al Jazeera

    Stay on top of Syria latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera s fact based news exclusive video footage photos and updated maps

  • Security Message for U S Citizens Travel WarningSyria

    The Department of State continues to warn U S citizens against all travel to Syria and strongly recommends that U S citizens remaining in Syria depart immediately The security situation remains dangerous and unpredictable Violent conflict between government and armed anti government groups continues throughout the country There is a serious risk for kidnappings bombings murder

  • Cries from Syria Is a Warning for Younger Generations

    Oct 6 2017 4 05 pm Director Evgeny Afineevsky Evgeny Afineevsky s Cries from Syria a documentary about the country s ongoing deadly civil war is filled with extremely graphic

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  • On front line with al Assad fightersCNN Video

    Frederik Pleitgen traveling to the front line with al Assad fighters reports on fierce fighting in Damascus suburb