I & B Engineers Pvt. Ltd.


The shell are made from spcial ERW/SEAMLESS Tube with close tolorance ensuring smooth, shock free and eccentricity free running with minimum diameteral runout. Smallest rotating weight of rollers requires low horse power, there by conserving power and energy due to lowest possible dynamic friction.


Bearing Housing

The bearing housing are made of deep drawing quality sheets pressed to a vesy high degree of accuracy, keeping tolerance at bearing sea ting region as specified by the bearing manufacturers. The housing are welded onto the tubes to form Mono block simultaneously from both sides on rotating cen tres to ensure absolute concentricty.



IB rollers are fitted with precision Ball/taper roller bearing with C3 clearance as per international standard.



Made from Carbon steel EN-8/C-40 round bar. The round bars are cut, turned with perfect tolerance and ground bearings seatings to ensure perfect fit bet ween bearings and shafts.


Labyrinth Seals

Time tested and universally accepted Multistage sealing arrangements mande of Nylon 6 are provided on both sides of the bearing with Dust coners and water proof rain cap. All the components are assembled together with high quality grease packing ensuring effective seakling of bearings from ingress of dust and moisture, giving trouble free long life.



All bearings, Labyrinth and grease chambers are permanently lubricated.



All the rollers are thouroughly tested for free rotation, measurement of friction factors, dust and water proof sealing before dispatch.

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